Amling Studios LLC

Web Design & Development


At Amling Studios we believe that technology can solve most problems. We integrate technology into all our disciplines — creative, design, user experience and development throughout every project from beginning to end. Amling Studios designs with the future in mind, working with mobile first designs and forward thinking JavaScript frameworks and Libraries.


Wordpress is a wonderful CMS that allows us to give our clients the freedom to update their site without having to come to us for every little thing.

Responsive Design

We use a mobile first approach to make sure that your users get the best viewing experience no matter what device they are using. From smartphones to desktops and everything in between.


We want our clients to be found as much as they do. By using best practices including Meta Keywords, Site Titles, Page Content, we work hard to make sure your pages show up in your clients searches.


Integrating with 3rd Party systems let websites do more than they could on their own. We have used FaceBook, Google, Twitter and The New York Times API's to pull content into clients sites. We have also created our own RESTFUL API's.


PHP powers a good portion of the web and is our goto language for server side coding. With the release of PHP 7, we've got new optimizations that make our website blazing fast.


Long gone are the days of JavaScript being a small language, with its many powerful frameworks, as well as its own server side branch (node.js) JavaScript has become a force to be reckoned with. Wheather it is a custom gallery or pulling in content without refreshing, JavaScript has you covered.


The latest version of the HTML specification has given web designers the ability to add video, audio, and semantic markup to their projects. It has helped take the web from a passive experience to an rich one.